Kimberlee Cloutier-Blazzard, Ph.D.

At KCB Loft, I deliver style and substance to my clients directly tailored to their writing, editing, translating, research, publishing and project management needs. With a Ph.D. in Northern European Renaissance and Baroque art history, and over a decade of teaching Western and non-Western courses, I am a creative and dependable professional with extensive knowledge of the visual arts, history, classroom and online teaching. As a published author, I have experience in research, writing, editing, publishing, new media, and web design. I have experience in museum administration, development, project management, and public speaking. I am proficient in French, Dutch and German.

I thrive on challenge, and am interested in opportunities to use my knowledge and strengths to make outstanding contributions to creative ventures.  This is why KCB Loft has it all “Under One Roof.”


writing, editing, publishing, research, development, project management, public speaking, visual analysis, teaching, digital media, e-learning, distance learning, museums, galleries


Editorial and writing services are typically billed hourly; rates depend on the type and extent of editing/writing required. Translation is billed per word. Fees for project management, museum, publishing and public speaking work are determined by project, and can be billed on an hourly, daily, or per-project basis, or as a monthly retainer fee for longer-term projects.

After reviewing the project, I will prepare an estimate of time and cost, including delivery dates.  Please contact me with any questions.

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